Sweet pea and basil soup

2 servings

I believe that children should develop a taste for healthy food since their childhood. That’s why I keep on adding new ingredients to my baby’s diet.

It’s such a pleasure to see how happy he is to devour all kinds of vegetables and fruits that most of the kids wont even try.

I try to vary his diet as much as possible. The meat days are always followed by the veggie-days, and our afternoon snacks are far from your typical yoghurt and cookies. I would rather make him a banana-avocado mash instead. So, today I decided to cook something special, moreover, there were some peas and basil in the fridge — that is how I come up with most of my dishes.


And what a pleasure it was to see how delighted he was to eat up the whole plate. The soup turned out to be so delicious that I made 2 more servings for myself and my husband.

For a vegan version, just remove the goat cheese.

It is not necessary to sauté the leek in olive oil if your child is very young, just cover it with water right away.