Blueberry Lime Coconut Yoghurt and a Guide to City
of Angels

15 minutes
2 servings

Los Angeles is my all time favourite city. Once a year my family and me visit this amazing city to enjoy the Californian sun.

This time I decided to find out why it is so easy to stay fit and healthy in LA.

I have always noticed that there are so many beautiful people in Los Angeles. And this is not surprising at all having in mind that sports and a healthy lifestyle have become a cult in the city, and everybody is trying to keep up with each other. That is why all local gyms are always packed, and you will definitely have to book your spinning class a few days in advance.


This brings me to the first place named Cycle House. It is famous for its intense cardio workouts. My friend and I decided to check out the place.

We had booked our bikes online and stoked ourselves up with water. Inside the class there was complete darkness, only a green logo was glimmering on the wall. There were 58 bikes in the room, and they were all occupied. The instructor was giving movement directions in time with the club music accompanying them with a speech that made you carry on struggling to spin the pedals in spite of sweat and tears. In a nutshell, you were told that since you had come to work out today, there was no way back, so be tough enough to pursue your goal, do not step down, be strong, etc.

We left the gym red-faced and sweating. Classes burn between 500 and 1,000 calories in just under an hour. Honestly, it was an amazing experience, and I immediately decided to purchase a monthly pass. I would highly recommend not eating 3 hours before the workout — this is my personal observation.

After your class you can rest at a nearby legendary Urth Caffe. They don’t take reservations, everything takes place on a first-come, first-served basis. The place is normally quite packed. Undoubtedly, you will hardly find a better latte anywhere else. Matcha latte with almond milk has become our unrivalled favourite. 

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is another trendy café serving excellent coffee. I loved their ice tea with coconut water and overnight oats with raisins and coconut milk foam. And they are also situated right next door to Cycle House.

There are a few juice bars in LA everyone should know about.

L.A.  Juice — a small juice bar situated just across, on the opposite side of Cycle House running towards the legendary Fred Segal store. Despite its small size, they have a great selection of drinks. I particularly enjoyed a digestive shot with pineapple, lemon, ginger and turmeric, and Hollywood Cocktail with apple, strawberry and coconut. 

Pressed juicery is a famous cold-pressed juice retailer on a West coast serving delicious juice creations.  They have recently introduced Freezers. Basically they are soft ice cream cups made entirely out of cold-pressed juices. They contain no sugar nor dairy and they taste absolutely delicious. I was hooked instantly!

JUICE served here is another outstanding juice bar. Try out their original lemonade with activated charcoal, or coconut meat shake with young coconut water. On the way out don’t forget to pick up some hand made organic skin products from California.

Should you find yourself close to Rodeo Drive, do not miss out an opportunity to visit Kreation Organic Juicery. Their juices and smoothies will leave no one indifferent. Try their delicious Digestion juice, or for those who prefer sweeter options should try Acai Miracle smoothie.

For brunch, drop in to vegetarian Flore Cafe, but don’t be late as brunch is only served until midday. Grab Burrito Flore or Ruben Sandwich. 

One of the best terraces in the city belongs to Gracias Madre, vegan Mexican restaurant. I dare say that this is my favourites place in LA. The food, the cocktails, the atmosphere, it has it ALL!

Leave the city and head for the sunny Venice Beach. Take a walk along the pier, rent a bicycle and then lunch at Cafe Gratitude. Book a table in advance, as availability may be an issue. This marvelous vegan café will indulge you with its culinary masterpieces and warm atmosphere. I loved their sun-dried tomatoes pita stuffed with raw falafel and vegetables. And their dessert selection is absolutely insane.

Just across the road, opposite Cafe Gratitude, you will discover one of the best juice bars in Los Angeles. Moon Juice, in spite of its tiny size, is full of healthy juices, supplements and raw bites. I am absolutely mad about their raw cinnamon roll and raw carrot cake. I also used their probiotic powder to make my homemade coconut yoghurt.  This yoghurt aids digestion, nurtures intestinal micro flora and promotes glowing skin.