Coconut milk buckwheat porridge with caramelized plums

15 minutes
2 servings

Every time, when it gets cold, I just feel like nourishing my body. That’s why I immediately start taking omega 3, probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin C, and I start using all my coconut oil rich creams. Another thing is that during the cold season, I always want to start my day with porridge to warm myself up.


Buckwheat contains no gluten and is rich in fiber, protein, amino acids, antioxidants and slow carbohydrates. It helps to enhance digestion, removes toxins from the body, provides energy and normalizes blood sugar.

But apart from all this, buckwheat is just very tasty and it brings back the memories of childhood.

My granny used to make it with dairy milk, butter and a few spoonfuls of sugar. I think that I can still remember the feeling of crunchy undissolved sugar crystals on my teeth.

Sure, my recipe is a little different, because I don’t eat sugar, butter or dairy, but, surprisingly enough, the taste remains the same like in my childhood.

In my recipe I used coconut milk as the base. During the preparation, all the milk has to be absorbed by the buckwheat. Then when the porridge is cooked just top it up with cold rice milk, or any other plant milk of choice.