Raw Carrot Cupcakes

15 minutes
6 servings

I keep being asked the same questions like: Where do you get your ideas from? How exactly do you come up with all this? To be honest, I wouldn’t give you a straightforward answer. I source my ideas everywhere.

To give just one example. One day, while doing shopping in one of my much-loved Parisian stores, I came across carrot-shaped cupcake molds. I realized that these molds were designed for my favorite carrot cake. And here it is – inspiration! I immediately thought of making carrot cakes free of gluten and animal foods, such as eggs and milk.

It all starts with an idea. At the next stage you incubate the idea which means that you decide what should be added to it. What should you replace Philadelphia cheese cream with? Should you make then raw or baked?

My very first attempt was a complete disaster. Having mixed the buckwheat flour with carrots and spices, I poured out the batter into the cupcake molds and put it in the oven. My batter did not rise and was under-baked. All I ended up with half-cooked sweet mush. I was so disappointed that I simply shelved the idea.

Three months later, I went for a holiday to Los-Angeles. Having completed a tour around vegan restaurants, I popped up to a renowned juice bar. There was a whole fridge full of raw desserts. As a big fan of vegan raw desserts, I tasted them all. And what do you think I discovered there? Not surprisingly, there was a widely-known American carrot cake among them.

And that was the point of no return. This time my obsessive idea about carrot cupcakes will become a reality.


Having gained some experience with raw desserts, I instantly knew what to do…