Greece style Arrabiata

20 minutes
4 servings

We have just returned from Greece, and even in spite of the fact that we ate in Greek tavernas for 3 weeks in a row I’m already missing this Mediterranean cuisine.


I am a big fan of Greek food. Cheese and vegetables have always been my ‘go-to’ staples. And they happen to be widely used in Greek cuisine. In Greece fresh vegetables, fruits and grains play an important role peoples diet. Meat tends to play a less important role. Most of their dishes are very light; they often feature dairy products like yoghurt or cheese and baked or fresh vegetables.


This very pasta I tried when I was lounging on the beach, and I immediately fell in love with it! I generally like all the dishes with olives and tomatoes. So, I could not help but share this brilliant discovery.

At first sight, penne in tomato sauce is a very simple dish, but those who love this dish know that a good penne Arrabiata is hard to find. I usually get disappointed when I order this dish in restaurants. It seems like something is always missing in the sauce. Therefore, in the pursuit of a perfect sauce, I created a similar recipe to the one I tried at the beach. It came out perfect and will be particularly appreciated by the lovers of rocket and olives.


I used regular penne, but they can be easily replaced by gluten-free options, such as lentil, rice or buckwheat ones. Spaghetti is also suitable.

I added a whole chilli in my sauce, which is not necessary. You can add as much as you like. Try adding a bit and then add some more depending on how spicy you like them.

If you like dairy products, crumble some feta cheese on top before serving – it will be very delicious.