Roasted broccoli salad with tahini yogurt

4 minutes
20 servings

I do believe that broccoli properties are largely underestimated. We are used to eating carrots, cabbage and cauliflower, even eggplants, but we’ve totally forgotten or probably we’ve never known that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables.


Since childhood, we’ve been told to drink a lot of milk, because it is very rich in calcium and helps to develop strong bones. Unfortunately, many parents are not aware that there is as much calcium in 100 gr of broccoli as in a glass of milk. Also, broccoli contains a lot of fiber, which removes toxins from the body, iron, which is responsible for transportation of oxygen around your body, potassium, which controls acid-base balance, and magnesium, which fights chronic fatigue. In addition to these and other micronutrients, broccoli is very rich in B-complex vitamins that are beneficial to cardiovascular health and vitamin C. Since our body does not store vitamin C, it is important to get it with food on a daily basis. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and its involved in the most important processes in our body such as production of collagen, development of connective tissue (ligaments, blood vessels, bone tissues), metabolism, and many other vital processes. Broccoli also has a high level of vitamin K, which is essential for synthesis of proteins, which are responsible for blood clotting. It is also responsible for absorption of calcium, which is important for people suffering from bone diseases such as osteoporosis.


I will no longer list all health benefits of this miracle food, as I believe the stated above is enough to get the overall picture of this miracle vegetable. Knowledge is power! It is important to know your food in order to make healthy choices.


I have to say that I am a big fan of Indian food, especially because of great variety of vegetarian dishes. One of my all time favorite dishes is roasted broccoli with yogurt sauce. But since I try to avoid dairy products all together, I replaced yogurt with tahini sauce. It turned out to be a great dish, full of flavor and quite filling. I complemented broccoli with bulgur, which is, by the way, is often used in Indian cuisine. Bulgur is in fact, dried, cracked wheat without bran. Like broccoli, this cereal is very rich in vitamins B, and as I have mentioned before, group B vitamins are the essential food for our nervous system.


This salad can easily replace your lunch or dinner, or just serve it as a side to your favorite dish.