Muddled Christmas Drink

10 minutes
4 servings

There are always so many things to do around Christmas time! Luckily I have managed to tick all the boxes on my checklist. All the gifts are wrapped, New Year outfit is waiting in the closet, vacation clothes are packed and my apartment is almost clean. The last thing on my list is to finish writing this blog post, which will be the last post of this year.


Nothing reminds me of Christmas more than the spicy taste of Muddled drinks made with cinnamon, cloves and star anise. This particular drink is alcohol free so you can enjoy it with your kids. However, you can add cider, wine or any other alcohol you like into the mix for that extra kick.


I used fresh apple and cranberry juice, but if you choose to purchase prepackaged, make sure that it’s a high quality juice. I like to use cloudy apple juice as its tastes much better than the clear variety. If your cranberry juice is not freshly pressed it won’t have a strong sour taste, so you can add more than it says in the recipe