Almond and Berry Shake

15 minutes
2 servings

Today’s post I am going to remember forever, as with it I’m opening my blog.

My whole life I was keen on the art of cooking.  When I was a little girl I liked to watch, how my mum was cooking. Staying home alone I was trying to replicate her dishes. Of course my attempts were not successful, but that never upset me as I was always more interested in the process itself than in the final result.

I still remember when my mum taught me how to knead dough, and ever since I’ve been experimenting with baking. I was inventing new fillings and creating heart-shaped pies.


As I grew older, my love for baking became an obsession, although pies stepped aside giving the first place among my favorites to exotic dishes, such as tartar, ceviche, gazpacho or stir-fry. I was enthusiastically questioning my father — who is a great cook by the way — about the recipes, and he in his turn was trying to recreate those things I’d liked.

My taste was changing over the time, and at some point of my life I realized, I’m interested in the clean cuisine concept, a so called healthy food. There I found my inspiration. It’s so overwhelming , that I’m ready to stand in front of the stove for days experimenting with tastes and textures. That’s what led me towards starting my own blog. But I don’t want to go too deep into it now, as today we have a delicious shake from berries and nut milk on our plates.

But first of all I’d like to answer the most popular question: Why is the banana frozen? I’m being constantly asked this question as banana is frequently added to my smoothies. In reality, the answer is always the same — for the right consistency, or, to be more precise, to make smoothie look like a thick milkshake.

This recipe is an exception — there is no banana in it! There are a couple of other ways to achieve the milkshake effect. Take a can of coconut milk, pour it into ice-cube molds, froze it and drop in your cocktail. Coconut milk ice cubes tincture the cocktail with creamy taste and density. Try replacing blueberries and strawberries by your favorite berries. For those, how prefer more sour taste — don’t add agave syrup. Replace almond paste with peanut butter or don’t add it at all.

Play with ingredients and tastes to find you perfect shake.