Tropical Lemonade

10 minutes
4 servings

We are back to Miami again. It’s such a pleasure to find ourselves under the sun in the middle of winter. Here, there are plenty of sun, sea, fresh fruits and vegetables. The climate is tropical in Miami, so you can find all sorts of exotic products in the stores. After another visit to the Whole Foods, organic products store, I decided to make a homemade lemonade. I never drink lemonades bought in the stores, as they consist of sugar and artificial colours only and, therefore, have no health benefit, but harm.


Many people don’t want to pay extra for organically grown products, but it is important to understand what Organic means before jumping to conclusions. Organic means healthy grown products without employment of pesticides, antibiotics, growth stimulants, nitrates, GMOs or chemicals. It is essential to remember that all these components go directly into our body and are accumulated there over time. They are particularly dangerous for children sice their bodies are still developing. Health problems can appear with age in form of various allergies, hormone disruptions, digestive problems, increased fatigue and even cancer. BIO products are richer in vitamins and minerals. And it’s worth mentioning that organic farms are against cruelty to animals and do not pollute the environment, which is important, taking into account the fact that we are on the edge of an ecological disaster because of conventional production.


There are two lists of vegetables and fruits, where the first list named Dirty Dozen Plus+ includes fruits and vegetables grown using the largest amount of chemicals. These products are better to be replaced by the organic ones. The second list named Clean 15 includes fruits and vegetables grown using the smallest amount of chemicals. I advise you to follow these lists when choosing your products, especially for children.

Dirty Dozen Plus +

  1.  apples;
  2.  peaches;
  3.  nectarines;
  4.  strawberries;
  5.  grapes;
  6.  celery;
  7.  spinach;
  8.  bell peppers;
  9.  cucumbers;
  10.  cherry tomatoes;
  11.  imported green peas;
  12.  chile peppers;
  13.  kale and other collard greens.

 Clean 15

  1. avocado;
  2. corn;
  3. pineapple;
  4. cabbage;
  5. frozen peas;
  6. onion;
  7. asparagus;
  8. mango;
  9. papaya;
  10. kiwi;
  11. zucchini;
  12. grapefruit;
  13. melon;
  14. cauliflower;
  15. sweet potatoes.