Raw Immune Boosting Soup

20 minutes
4 servings

Today is the first day of lockdown in Moscow. It’s uncertain for how long it will last. We are all stuck in our houses and face emotional challenges and uncertainty.

My favorite way to deal with problems is cook or declutter my home. I find it very calming. I am sure mediations also works wonders, however it’s very hard to meditate with kids running around the house. Evening rituals also help a lot, such as hot bath, dry brushing and masks. I also love my essential oil diffuser, I feel those blends really set the mood. I’ve been keeping my self busy, cooking, sprouting, cleaning, organizing, brewing Kombucha and opening the fridge door 20 times a day. Those are just my ways of dealing with stress.

This immune boosting soup came to my mind as a result of constant mindless snacking.


There are quite a few benefits of eating raw food. Heat destroys vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics in food. Raw foods are high in fiber. Fiber can’t be digested by your body, so it gets fermented by bacteria in your colon. This process stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your gut. These bacteria improve your immune system function, breaks down food, fights anxiety, depression and much more.


My point here is that raw food is always a good idea, but not everyone can eat half a raw broccoli in one sitting. That’s why smoothies, juices and blended soups can work wonders.

Replace a meal with this soup to aid your body’s natural ability to detoxify.